We are a fellowship of pilgrims, seeking to be formed in the way of Jesus, to live in the rhythms of the Kingdom of God. Our desire is to live a life of adventure in Christ as we learn to love God and others, grow in grace and peace, embrace rhythmic rest, and understand what it means to live the life God has set before us.

We are a community of adventurers, travelers, natives and creatives seeking to lead others into adventures of adrenaline and solitude, immersion and mission, significance and rest. Our desire is to replace everyday distractions, technological overload and a perceived lack of meaning with the experience of local, national and international adventures crafted to remind you who you’ve been created to be.

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Our Values

This is what drives us, why we exist.


We are created for community. The journey is only possible with companions.


The adventurer must constantly change and adapt. Growth is not optional.


Sabbath is hard for the adventurous spirit, but essential for the journey.


We have trouble being alone. We cannot be silent. Yet we must do both.

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