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Zac Marcengill


Zac was born and raised in the foothills of South Carolina’s Blue Ridge mountain range. As a boy it was hard to keep him indoors as he spent most of his time in the wooded areas of his grandfather’s property fishing, hunting and damming up creeks to make swimming holes. Zac is a natural outdoorsman, adventure seeker, expedition leader and creative. His greatest desire is to spread truth, hope and love while guiding others into awareness of who they are, who God is and into a better understanding of the world around them.

Mark Nesbitt


Mark grew up roaming the south shore of Lake Ontario sailing, snorkeling, hiking, fishing, skiing; if it involved the outdoors and cool gear, he was interested.
A renaissance man, he has run a web development company, published several books and other writings, served on church staffs, run an adventure camp, and been a stay at home dad.
Mark and his wife Becky strive to live in intentional community with their friends and neighbors. They have discovered that chairs and food in the backyard lead to great conversations and relationships. Stop by sometime if you are in the area.



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