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Building A Self-Sustaining Organization

Our Vision


To operate as a self-sustaining organization (more info below), funded through trip revenues, rather than on-going fundraising.

Starting Up


We are currently seeking donations to build a start up fund which would cover gear, insurance, & other operational costs.



We began by running local trips in the Nashville area. Our first national and international trips will launch in 2017.

Your Part


Help us build Pathway! Please consider a tax-deductible donation (either one time or recurring over the next year).

Payment Options for Donations

Online Bill Pay / Check

Use the info below to set up Online Bill Pay through your bank account OR to mail a donation via check:

Pathway Collective
1203 Homewood Ct.
Franklin, TN 37067

Phone: 615.348.7284

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Self-Sustaining Organization

Non-profit organizations can be funded in a number of ways: donations, grants, government funding, participant and membership fees, etc. We have choosen to build Pathway as a self-sustaining organization, with all of our operating expenses covered by trip revenues. This will allow us to focus our efforts on providing exceptional experiences for our guests rather than on fundraising. It will also provide a great foundation for us as we move into other areas of charitable work.
After establishing our adventure trips, we will expand our vision in the following ways:
1) We will build a scholarship fund through donations and any profit we accumulate in a given year. This will allow us to look for individuals working with ministries and nonprofits and provide them with the opportunity to experience a Pathway trip at no cost to themselves.
2) We will partner with water advocacy organizations around the world to assist them in their goal to provide clean water to all.
3) Develop additional spiritual direction experiences and resources.
Questions? Contact Us.