Support Zac In Creating Sustainable Jobs In Haiti

We Are Partnering With Hands & Feet Project

Zac MarcengillSpiritual Adventure Guide for Pathway Collective, has partnered with the Hands & Feet Project to design, organize and guide a new kind of mission trip specifically designed to create sustainable Haitian jobs that will continue to reverse the cycle of poverty in Haiti, the root of the orphan crisis. Zac has a deep personal history working with the Hands & Feet Project in years past and lived in Haiti during his time with this organization. We at Pathway Collective are excited about this new partnership and are happy to be working with such a highly respected, transparent and hard working organization that has been providing a loving and Christ centered home for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti since 2004.

Raising Administrative Support For Zac

We are raising administrative support for Zac to design, organize and guide a new type of mission trip (called Mission Adventure Trips) for the Hands and Feet Project. Zac will be creating pre/post trip curriculum, handling trip operations and logistics, and guiding at least one trip per month to Grand Goave, Haiti on behalf of the Hands and Feet Project. Raising Pathway Collective administrative support will not only provide a part-time salary for Zac to do this work, it will also allow 100% of the Hands and Feet Projects Mission Adventure Trip revenue to go straight into the Hands and Feet Projects’ efforts to end the orphan crisis in Haiti. We feel strongly that this is the best way for us to serve the Hands and Feet Project in the incredible work they are doing.

Why Us?

Pathway Collective is a non-profit organization founded and ran by Mark Nesbitt and Zac Marcengill (see The Collective) with specific skill sets and desires to organize and lead adventure style trips around the world. These trips are designed to provide solitude, awareness, adventure and a greater sense of who our guests have been created to be. Our job is to create the best experience possible for our trip guests by taking care of all design, organization and adventure guiding so each guests can focus on their individual experience, their souls and what God has to show them through each adventure we lead (“Adventures For The Spiritual Pilgrim“). With this in mind, Zac will be filling a niche needed by the Hands and Feet Project that will allow their staff to focus on their current and unique specialties so that their focus continues to stay with the multitude of daily tasks needed to run their organization. Zac will help design, organize and guide a new type of Mission Adventure Trip for the Hands and Feet Project to set the stage for many successful trips ran by the Hands and Feet Project for years to come.

Organizing Pathway Collective Haiti Trips

Pathway Collective will simultaneously design Adventure Trips, using resources such as the Hands and Feet Projects Ikondo Lodge (see “Ikondo” video above) as basecamp, to multiply the efforts of this incredible organization and drastically effect the root causes of poverty by building more sustainable jobs and transforming adventure trips that will be spiritual, adventurous and worldview expanding for our guests. We are beyond excited about the opportunities of this partnership and feel completely grateful to be asked to help in this season of transition from an old model of mission trip to a new type of Mission Adventure Trip that builds the local economy by providing sustainable jobs, increases revenue for the Hands and Feet Project to further their work and provides an avenue for Pathway Collective to do what we do best, Adventures For The Spiritual Pilgrim.

Zac’s Support Payment Options

Dear Past and Potential Supporters,

Thank you for taking the time to consider partnering with us in this work we hope will have a part in reversing the cycle of poverty  in Haiti! Creating sustainable jobs is part of the solution and this will be the beginning of a powerful movement that allows our friends in Haiti to support their families, and many others around them, by growing and strengthening their local economy. We are asking that you consider partnering with us by committing to a monthly reoccurring donation, or a one time donation, today. All donations are tax-deductible and will directly support our work and our partnership with the Hands and Feet Project! We will be releasing blog posts, photography and videos to keep you up-to-date with our work in Haiti and what your support and partnership is cultivating on the ground. We look forward to sharing what God is doing as a result of your support, prayer and partnership!

My Best,

Zac Marcengill | Pathway Collective | Spiritual Adventure Guide

  • Zac’s Administrative Support Progress (Updated March 8th, 2017) 3%

Administrative Support Payment Options

We have included a few example payment options below for your reference. Please feel free to give as much or as little as you feel lead. 

$25 Per Month Reoccurring Payment = $300 Per Year (Or One-Time Donation)

$50 Per Month Reoccurring Payment = $600 Per Year (Or One-Time Donation)

$75 Per Month Reoccurring Payment = $900 Per Year (Or One-Time Donation)

$100 Per Month Reoccurring Payment = $1,200 Per Year (Or One-Time Donation)

***Please Note: All PC Administrative Support is 100% Tax Deductible***

Online Bill Pay / Check

Use the info below to set up Online Bill Pay through your bank account or to mail a support payment via check. With this option 100% of your donation will go directly to PC without processing fees.

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Call us with any questions: 615.348.7284

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Gallery From Zac’s Time Working And Living In Haiti